Interior Design Trends: Bold & Unexpected

It’s easy to create a design scheme that’s a blank canvas. The challenge with this particular project was the client’s desire for a new look – more contemporary in feel, yet she wanted to use her existing furnishings, art, and antiques. This did not give me much latitude.

Another consideration was the client’s age. At 90+, I wanted to include age appropriate features like non-slip flooring, lighting, grab bars, etc.

The only new furniture purchased was a dresser for the master bedroom, guest room bed, dining table, and bistro table and chairs for the kitchen. I added a wall shelving system in the den to include a work surface, wall-mounted tv, shelves, cabinets and drawers for

The apartment renovation came alive with rich colors, period details, and art. So this project is awash in reds and corals with splashes of yellow, green, and white, incorporating as many of her antiques and furnishings from her existing apartment without looking too pristine and 'old'. 

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Interior Design Trends: Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese design philosophy that has evolved over thousands of years based on logical and productive fundamentals to make the most of benefits provided by nature. Its foundation is based on energy or Chi, and incorporates balancing 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood. Feng Shui principles apply to everything from agriculture to interior design. 

Feng Shui principles are always incorporated in my interior design schemes.  A beautiful,warm, inviting, and harmonious home has all the elements represented without one overpowering another. It isn’t readily apparent, but when a space is designed with all the elements in balance, there’s a feeling of peace and serenity throughout the home.

Although I’ve already attended several presentations on the topic, I'm always eager to learn more. I  had the opportunity to attend a wonderful event sponsored by Decorative Crafts located at DCOTA in Dania Beach, FL with renowned expert Michelle Luongo, July 10, 2014.

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Interior Design Trends: Express Yourself With Color

Finding a color palette that makes your home comfortable and relaxing for you, while making guest feel welcome at the same time can be challenging.

Intense colors like hot pink, bright orange, black and pure white are best used as accents. 

Bright white is great for doors and trim. Use warmer tones for furnishings along with textures and monochromatic patterns. White palettes complement one another in any combination and give a clean look.

Bright and airy hues make a room seem more spacious.

Dark colors create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. A pop of color enlivens the design scheme.

Black-Grays-White combinations are sophisticated and chic. Warm up the space by bringing in accent furnishings in natural woods.  

Reds, oranges, and yellows are warm and welcoming colors. The more intense the shade, the more energy is created.

Bold and bright hues are dramatic and are great for foyers, powder rooms, and as an accent wall in kitchens and living rooms. 

Blues and greens create a calm and soothing and tranquil feeling.

Paint ceilings a light tint of the wall color, although in some cases, the same color as the walls add an elegant, custom look.

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Sizzling Design Inspirations For Summer

Summer living and entertaining is generally more casual and informal. More time is spent outdoors. Life is lighter and brighter. Add some of the following suggestions to make your summer colorful and inviting.  

Colorful toss pillows and throws come in vibrant fabrics that won't fade, go limp, or mildew in hot humid weather. Sunbrella and Perennial fabrics are two examples.

Dress your furniture in colorful linen slipcovers. They can be washed at the end of the season and stored for next year.

Roll up heavy area rugs and replace them with colorful cottons or indoor/outdoor rugs. 

Change lampshades with colorful ones.

Add greenery and fresh, colorful flowers.

Burn candles with light and fresh fragrances.

String colorful paper lanterns for outdoor entertaining, or create a grouping of colorful pendants.
Look for seaside inspired accessories. These can be found at 

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Interior Design Trends: "Wallscapes" - Designing With Shelves

There’s nothing more elegant, dramatic, and stylish than an extra wall or spare room with floor to ceiling shelving. The result can be disastrous, however, if the shelves are not fitted out properly. Books stacked side-by-side standing on shelf upon shelf creates a claustrophobic tone and overwhelms the space.

Create interest in the way you place books. Create groupings: stand several, stack others on their sides, varying the number of books. Add accessories using books to elevate some. Group some pieces together. Place small, interesting lamps on different shelves to create mood. Leave empty space as well. Stand back to check that the arrangement is balanced.

A wall of shelving is a good way of incorporating wall-mounted TVs and audio visual equipment. The unit pictured above also includes a fireplace and bar.

The most was made of a short 8' wall that includes a workspace as well as shelving, wall-mounted TV, and drawers.
Add some seating, a table, good lighting, and you have a comfortable space for reading, entertaining, or just relaxing.

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