If Walls Could Talk

If walls could talk, what would your walls say about you? Color and condition of walls speak volumes. Whether you're looking to sell or home or want to refresh a room's look, paint is the easiest and most affordable solution (especially if you can do the painting!). Experiment with color. If you make a mistake, repainting is an easy fix. And don't forget the ceiling! To make a room appear larger, add a tint of wall color to white ceiling paint. Remember to use a primer; you'll need less coats and minimize hours of labor. I also tint the primer with with whatever color I plan on using. If the project takes more than one session, I wrap the brushes and rollers in plastic wrap and foil and keep them in the freezer. It takes about an hour to thaw.
If you need more help, feel free to contact me! Good Luck and have fun!

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