Does Fashion Take A Cue From Interior Design Or Visa-Versa?  

It’s the time of year for announcing 2012 color trends. Fashion Week just finished up in NYC; the designers have made their statements. The paint companies are holding seminars introducing their newest color contributions. This is big business! So the question is, does fashion take a cue from interior design or visa-versa?

It all depends upon your perspective. Fashion color trends are closely related to interior design. My belief is that each takes a nod from the other.

For example, every year we renew the debate about wearing white after Labor Day. I posted a blog from the perspective of interior design. We live with white rooms year round. To keep them updated, introduce the newest colors by changing accessories, area rugs, pillows, throws, etc. As a designer, I recommend keeping a stash of accessories in colors and patterns to suit each season. The same idea can be applied using the new fashion colors. (See Blog post: WHAT’S THE ADO ABOUT WEARING WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY? 9-5-11)

Fashion color trends are stronger influences. It’s easier to change fashion clothing colors more frequently, while home decor colors are more difficult, and must be selected for longevity. Color favorites change often. A sofa or other important (expensive) piece of furniture needs to last. I don’t suggest buying a key item in a trendy color. Buy a neutral sofa, for example, and add throw pillows and a decorative throw in the newest fashion colors. Bring in less expensive items to place around your home to make the colors pop, and with their presence, make a statement.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t expect that the special new outfit you bought in the trendiest colors will interpret well to the design scheme of an entire room.

The boundary between the role of fashion color trends and interior design are blurring. We’re always learning about fashion designers who are finding a new expression, designing interior fashions.

The idea of clothing designers expanding into interior design furnishings is not a new one. Clothing designers, stylists, and celebrities are applying their talent and strengths to expand their artistry from their original areas of expertise to home design fashion. Many are celebrities, but what makes them successful is not their recognizable name, but their degree of taste, sophistication, and universal personal appeal as it translates to interior design. They have become the ultimate tastemakers.

That’s great news for us professional decorators! So much talent and creativity added into to the arena of design is exciting! Choices are outstanding!

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