Fall is synonymous with change, and as a lover of change, I’ve always anticipated the season with a feeling of exhilaration. Like a prelude to Christmas! There’s crispness in the air, the children’s excitement of returning to school, foliage changes, and new colorations and textures of fruits and vegetables available at farm stands and markets. It's a beautiful season with many opportunities and celebrations. Fall also provides innumerable inspirations for interior design. 

Fall arouses feelings of warm, cozy gatherings of friends and family around the fireplace (or fire pit). And as the temperature drops, entertaining begins to move indoors, and along with that, concerns about space! Now is a good time to evaluate your interior design plan, traffic patterns, and décor so that you’re ready to accommodate larger groups indoors.

Here are some space extending ideas that stay disguised until needed.

Nested tables: Instead of using a side table next to your sofa or reading chair, replace it with nested tables. They usually come in stacked sets of three. You have two additional portable tables to place when and where needed.

Gate leg tables: These are tables that can rest against a wall, used as a console table or small dining table. A hinged leaf rises up and a leg swings into place for support. You can get tables that have one or two leaves. This can double or triple your seating space.

Extension tables: Tables come in all shapes and sizes and can be expanded with the addition of leaves. Different from gate leg tables, the leaves of extension tables need separate storage space.

Folding chairs: Forget about the old bridge chairs! Folding chairs have come a long way! Some are so elegant and sturdy, that your guests will never notice their folding capability.

Mirrors: One of my favorite accessories, mirrors visually extend space. Check on what the mirror reflects before hanging. A blank wall, closet door, or any unattractive view causes more harm than good.

Fall is also a great time to revitalize your home decorations and accessories by adding fresh colors plucked right from the local farm. The fall color palette is inspired by the season.

Neutrals are expressed in wheat, pine cones, and gourds. The colorations work anywhere, and create the foundation of your color palette. Your larger pieces that you plan to have around for a long while like sofas should be neutral.

Look at the range of Pumpkin oranges. There is a huge color spread from toned down close to neutral shades, to spicy vibrant colors used as accents. Wonderful patterns are available to upholster accent pull up chairs. Plus! Orange works with a great range of other colors depending upon the effect you want to create.
Corn yellow runs the gamut from bright and sunny tones to ivory. Yellow is perfectly functional for living and dining rooms, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. depending on the shade you select. It’s a very eclectic color that works anywhere.

Berries in just about every jewel tone are in season. Some examples are sapphires, rubies,

Brights can be found in apple reds, green, yellow, and red peppers. 

Every shade green is available. Eucalyptus, because it’s a soft grayed shade of green, it ties all of your color choices together. It is one of my favorites, and besides, the aroma is extraordinary!

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