DID YOU KNOW? The Origin of the Fork

Forks had two tines most likely created from splitting a spoon. Theophanu (960-991), greek wife of the Byzantine Emperor Otto II (955-983) introduced the fork in Byzantine. In the 11th century, a Greek princess introduced forks to the West at her wedding. Her death soon after was seen as punishment for using the instrument. It was used in Italy and thereafter appeared in France in the 14th century, and in England in 1611 by Thomas Croyat (1577-1617).

Originally, the fork was considered effeminate and an insult to God who had provided fingers for eating.

This interesting trivia was sourced in the History of Interior Design by Jeannie Ireland (pg 166). The giant volume traces the history of architecture, design, furniture, economy, politics and history from ancient Mesopotamia, Persia, and Egypt through the 20th century.

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