Is your outdoor space is less than attractive? Many of my clients live in beautifully decorated apartments or townhouses but have limited and often cramped outdoor space. Not only are they small, they’re desolate, usually sparsely furnished with a few lounges, chairs, and perhaps a table. What’s lacking is color, depth, and life! Well, my friends, there is an easy solution.

Any rooftop, patio, balcony, and terrace, no matter how small, can be transformed into a pocket paradise by adding vertical planters, pots of flowers with draping vines, and Tower Gardens. Flora takes your   
                      diminutive space from drab to fab!

Not only can you plant flowers and small bushes, you can grow herbs, fruits and vegetables. There’s little if any weeding, tilling soil, bending, or getting dirty. Compact designs fit almost anywhere. Pots can be hung on walls or railings. Vertical planters can be used singly or arranged together to form a screen or divider. Tower Gardens accommodate up to 20 plants,
and require very little labor to maintain.
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Let’s address additional decorative options for your pocket paradise:         
Add an outdoor area rug to anchor your seating area, provide underfoot cushioning, and break up the bland expanse of flooring. Area rugs are available in a huge variety of patterns, textures and colors, and can be hosed down to clean. Get one large enough to fit under your major sitting or dining area with a generous margin. Larger sizes like 8’x10’ or 10’x12’ work nicely, they’re not costly, and will last forever.
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Colorful new seat cushions and throw pillows brighten any space, add a touch of casual elegance and give an illusion of spaciousness. There are hundreds of fabrics suitable for outdoor upholstery. Pick your favorite color to use in a variety of patterns, and add another color as accent. Keep in mind the relative scale of the patterns you use, and the ratio of accent color to your primary color selection.
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Every outdoor space is enhanced with varied styles of lighting. If you’re fortunate to have outlets outside, floor lamps serve as a primary source of illumination. If you have an umbrella, run strings of clear Christmas lights along the ribs and shaft. A chandelier is a charming and unexpected element for a sophisticated look. Solar powered and battery operated lighting is also available. One of the benefits is that they’re cordless. Add several lanterns with battery operated candles and remote control. In addition of adding to a beautiful atmosphere, they’re safe to use.

Lastly, when you entertain, have a vase or two exploding with colorful cut flowers.

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  1. Plants add beauty to home. It is nice to see green plants surrounding the house.