Can you believe the year is just about half over? 2013 is not a long way off, and as Interior Designers or any business professional, it’s time to think about how we can improve ourselves and our business.  It’s a repetitive process… We covet our New Year’s Resolutions in December, dedicating ourselves to the achievement of perfection, and by the second week of January, we slip into the abyss of forgetfulness.

During summer months, days are longer (they truly are!), the weather is motivating, and we’re plied with more energy. So now is the time to focus our thoughts on how to improve our business, and consider what promises to make to do things better.

If we begin in June, we have a head start, and by December, we can boast triumph. Our resolutions evolved into solid habits. (Here’s an easy proof: it’s easier to begin and succeed in a weight loss program in the summer than it is during the holidays)

There are only three simple guidelines to follow:

1.      Begin by seriously considering what you can actually accomplish. Realistically, only three habits can be effectively and permanently changed in the course of a single time interval. So pick three of the most important on your list and stick to them.

2.      It takes 30 days to create a new behavior. So 30 days of strict discipline is necessary to firmly establish new behavior. Set up a plan and establish a schedule. 

3.      Write it down! Record your commitments and chronicle your progress.

NOW! For all to see, here are mine…  but you’ll have to go to my Blog to read them

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