Timelessness. In interior design its a style for a residence; it's a state of being for an individual. Neither ever becomes outdated. The home is fastidious, fashionable, yet comfortable and lived in. It’s analogous to a state of being similar to what we seek as we age. Yes, necessary changes must be made to maintain a desired state of being, but whether we refer to the physical house or our physical being, the overall design scheme is never contrived or outdated.

Timeless interior design can be achieved with modern interpretations of classic silhouettes, seamlessly blending contemporary lines with traditional form. The design scheme leans towards eclecticism using complementary finishes and subdued accents. Avoid strong geometric proportions, sharp corners, overly scaled, and overly sleek furnishings. Relaxed elegance, comfort, warmth, and inviting ease of living makes a space timeless.

The timeless individual can be achieved with updated versions of the classics, a seamless metamorphosis, blending comfortable traditional with contemporary; eclecticism if you will. Avoid extremes in shape, texture, and scale by maintaining a degree of fitness much like a home’s renovation is an expression of its current fitness. A relaxed demeanor, warmth of character, and inviting ease with one’s self makes a being timeless.

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