I’ve begun countless interior design touch-up projects without being able to finish any in a single day. There never seems to be enough time to do things for yourself. Here are some secrets of interior designs and paint specialists that maintain a professional finish, and make your time, energy, and effort worthwhile. My first big secret, worth its weight saving the price of new brushes and clean up time is placing your rollers or brushes in the refrigerator or freezer (if you don’t plan to get back to the project for while). Wrap them very tightly in foil, and close up all the areas where air might get in. Pop them in the refrigerator. The freezer takes about 45 minutes to thaw. Then, when you’re ready to paint, take them out, let them warm up for about 10 minutes and continue painting. Remember to mark the brush with the color. Temperature of the room makes a big difference in finished coats. Often, after one coat, I leave rooms windows open to quicken the drying process and facilitate drying time. However, a difference of 10 degrees can cause to colors to look dry looking significantly different. Make certain surface temperatures are above 50 degrees before painting the next layer. I cheat when it comes to repainting my own walls. I never use a primer unless the color is significantly different between light and dark. If my color is a dramatic change, or if the wall is porous, I always use a primer. I’ll also use a pigmented primer (white with a touch of the final color) to facilitate the covering ability of the final coat. Walls with imperfections, especially long walls with light sources at either end show up worse with glossy finishes. For imperfect walls, select paint with a flatter finish. Email your questions and photos for us to print to help each other in resolve decorating dilemmas. We’ll do our best to answer everyone’s questions.

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