The NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL CARPET SHOW (NYICS) is a distinctive marketplace for the best contemporary and traditional decorative carpets. Open to the trade only, it is a showcase for the most current and innovative products by visionary artisan introductions, creative collections, strong programs and must-have one-of-a-kinds. Sept 9-11 at 7 West 34th St.


Choosing a carpet is a critical design decision. The floor is a distinct plane of a room, no less important than the walls and ceiling. It’s a foundation for furnishings, defining an orderly hierarchy of scale, adding texture, color and pattern where needed.

Make your selection as early in the design process as possible, as soon as the floor plan and furniture placement are decided. For many of my clients, it’s often the selection of an excellent quality carpet that establishes the color palette. A carpet enlivens and ornaments the floor and can help establish the room’s colorations, scale and textural elements. Smaller weavings, including rare antique examples, are ideal for hanging as focal points on key walls. The dragon silk rug featured here hung in my NYC apartment’s foyer.

A carpet serves as the anchor for a room whether you use a single large rug or more than one to anchor several different seating areas often used in large living rooms. Whatever your design choice, make certain the carpet is large enough that at least two front legs of each furniture piece on the perimeter rests on the carpet. In a dining room, the rug should be large to accommodate a chair when it’s fully pulled out so that chair legs don’t get caught on the edges, and to avoid tripping a guest.

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Information and photos with written permission of the NYICS

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