With the holidays quickly approaching, which room in your home is first on your update list? From an interior design perspective, what could be simpler and least time consuming than a fresh coat of paint?
Pantone announced its 10 colors for Spring 2013 so I thought it entertaining as well as helpful to write a short blog on each with a few suggestions on how to use it in your home.

My first topic is Dusk Blue 16-4120.
Dusk Blue reminds me of a soft sunrise over the beach. It’s a mix of ocean and denim; a light hue, but not washed out.  It’s a color that encourages serenity, ideal for a bedroom mixed with deeper shades of blue, violet and pale green. The hydrangea is a perfect blend of the colors I’ve just mentioned and makes a perfect bedroom palette.

Dusk Blue works beautifully in a kitchen complemented by white trim, a look similar to Chinese porcelain. Paint the walls and the ceiling blue. Use white for glass front cabinetry, open shelving, and solid doors and drawers. I’d even recommend white appliances rather than stainless or other color. Bring in light wood tones for the floor, island surface, and accessories. Add cobalt blue, a big fashion color, for punch.

Bring Dusk Blue into the living room with a beautiful chintz on a pair of armchairs, a solid linen sofa, and silk stripe drapery panels. Use pull up chairs, an ottoman, and throw pillows in other colors and patterns of choice to keep the look from being boring. A sisal or oriental rug, depending upon how formal, contemporary, or traditional the room is to be, anchors the room.


Blue in almost any shade is my favorite color so I could go on and on. But you’ve got the idea. Now, go, have fun with Dusk Blue and share with us how you used it! 


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  1. Dusk blue works beautiful everywhere not only in kitchen. White and blue color combinations works everytime and brings life to the article items.
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