As the family unit grows and evolves, rather than going through the headaches of selling their existing home and buying one that more suits their needs, more families are looking to adapt their current one. Even first time home buyers anticipate changing needs, and look for homes with what I call flex space: rooms that are versatile and can readily be adjusted to fit the needs of a changing family and serve multiple purposes.

Alternately, families are looking to downsize. A smaller home has an even greater need for flex space.  Every family member needs their own “escape space”.

A second bedroom multi-tasks as guest room and home office. Instead of decorating with a queen or two twin beds, a trundle takes up far less space. It serves as a sofa, and leaves space for a desk, storage, computer, and extra pull up chairs.

A living room corner is a perfect place to create a cozy reading area. A chair, ottoman, and reading lamp create an area to sit quietly and enjoy solitude. It gives more life to a living room that so often sits empty. The ottoman can be moved around, providing extra seating when entertainint. Placing a table with four small pull up chairs under a window or behind a sofa, instead of a console, designates a place for playing cards or board games.     

Bedrooms are where your day begins and ends. Most of us limit the room to sleeping, perhaps some reading or watching a little TV in bed before drifting off to sleep. Most of my clients’ bedrooms have a lot of underutilized space. Even clients who are downsizing, continue to furnish their bedrooms traditionally, wasting precious square footage with dressers, highboys, and other unnecessary furniture. I like to design rooms to serve multiple purposes. It’s my job to assist clients in developing a mindset to eliminate the “bedroom set”, and create a more useful space.

By replacing oversized, unnecessary furnishings with two comfortable chairs and an ottoman that doubles as a low table, I created a cozy conversation area. There’s now additional “escape space” in the bedroom
when company takes over the library and living room… or simply an extra place to sit quietly.

Having your closets organized with built-ins is a great investment. You’ll be amazed at the extra space you’ll have. By placing more things in your closets, furniture pieces can be eliminated, leaving extra square footage for a desk, dressing table, or conversation area.

Although new homebuyers are looking for formal dining rooms, many families that have large eat-in kitchens, and design an elegant setting for dining. The dining room is repurposed into a media room, den, or library. I hung an elegant glass and crystal chandelier over an antique walnut table in a client’s kitchen, added beautifully upholstered chairs, and voila, a stunning dining space was created. The dining room was converted into a media room with plentiful comfortable seating, layers of window treatments for total light control, and nested tables to move around as needed. 

Furnishing a child’s bedroom with bunk beds, or loft bed with a desk underneath leaves plenty of space for a play area, eliminating the need for a separate playroom. It keeps all the toys in one room, and the rest of your home in order.

There's plenty of storage space under the sinks
Bathrooms are another room in the home where I see a lot of wasted space. The current trend for floating vanities and vessel sinks leaves the space underneath the sinks empty. Wicker drawers hold a lot of necessities. Rolled up towels tucked into baskets are attractive and don’t take away from the look. Floating wall shelves hold extra bottles of shampoo and liquid soap. Transfer them from their store packaging into pretty plastic dispensers available in kitchen and bath departments.

Flex Space can be a den, library, office, playroom, media room, finished basement, etc. Few homes offer this feature, yet these options are what savvy home buyers are looking for. Does your home have an attic, unused basement, extra bedroom or 'bonus room' that adds additional value to your property? Let Robin Lechner Designs carve out a Flex Space in your home that is for sale or rent. 

Screens offer a simple solution for delineating space. Use them as room separators, to close off a study area, or add a little privacy. 

The photo  below is of an open concept living-dining room.

How would you organize the space to accomodate an entertainment center, seating and relaxing, and dining?

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