A pattern trending in 2013 is the diamond, also referred to as harlequin. It's a neutral design, neither masculine or feminine, appealing to the young or mature aesthetic, and works for any product classification or interior design scheme.

The Louis XVI inspired chest with a modern finish gives the piece a contemporary twist. The pattern provides the perfect style crossover. A work of art, it demands special placement in a room or entry hall.


The harlequin lamp adds a touch of whimsy to this living room vignette that brightens and softens the area on a side of a sofa that's close to the room's corner.  


A home office/guest room doesn't have to be all business. The harlequin lamp adds style to an otherwise straight forward room.


The harlequin lamp up close. The conical lamp shade, crystal drops and elongated patterned stem works for any interior design scheme, and works as a transitional piece in a space with a contemporary and traditional mix.  


This elegant wallpaper is subtley patterned, the diamonds outlined in a fine gray metallic with raised squares at the intersections.



Simple yet bold, the pattern of the hand painted water color-look paper is outlined in copper. Large in scale, it's perfect for a large bedroom or study. 


Designed originally for a nursery, this fresh pattern would look sensational in a white kitchen's breakfast nook.

Suitable for a boy's bedroom, the tone on tone blue with light colors at the intersections add a subtle pop. 
The textured appearance of this diamond pattern adds depth and interest.

Like the gemstone, the diamond used in interior design is available in infinite settings. Its universal appeal is enhanced by the variety of color combinations, trims, and accents. Look for increasing applications in furnishings, surfaces, and accessories

 Be creative! These four square mirrors were hung on an angle, creating a diamond pattern.

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