Live Color-Fully! Summer is on its way accompanied by heat and humidty. By adding color to your interior design scheme inspired by the ocean, flowers, plants, sunrises, sunsets, etc. your home immediately looks cooler and feels cooler. Take a walk outdoors with your camera, and take pictures of beautiful scenery. Use the photos as a guide for what colors to put together. Nature doesn't lie! 

The hide area rug in a blue and white chevron pattern
tickles your toes like cooling waves lapping up on the shore.

Yellow, in a light tint, is cooling. Used in too intense a shade can make you feel warmer. 

The yellow used in this bedroom is soft, insuring waking up rain or shine with a sunny disposition.

For a more colorful palette, start with crisp white walls and floors. Mix in accessories in blues, greens, yellows, and plums. 

Of course, mixing shades of green is always refreshing.

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