Interior Design: Color Forecast 2014

Neutral palettes are equal part color and texture. From snow driven white to stormy grays to blacker than black moonless nights, smooth as glass to rough as crushed stone. Gray is the new black.  The punch of a natural organic creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Color stories are mid-toned and saturated. Hues are veiled with the colors of shade so that they’re soft and sensual rather than pale. Brights are reserved for highlighting like irridescent koi swimming just beneath the surface of a pond.

Classic color palettes are deeper, appearing to have been extracted from the depths of the earth and ocean. Others are harvested right off the vine – burgandy, pinot noir, cabernet. Unusual combinations of color are seemingly mystical in origin like the deep jewel tones of sapphire together with topaz.

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