More Applications of the 5 Elements in Interior Design

As I wrote in my prior blog, a harmonious home has all of the 5 Elements represented balanced so that one doesn’t overpower another. When a space is designed with all the elements represented in balance, there’s a feeling of peace and serenity throughout the home. 

It's not always possible, practical, nor desireable to have a representation of each element in every room: Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal. The elements have corresponding colors, so a mix of the physical elements combined with representational colors of others will result in a composite balance.

The color correspondents are as follows:

Earth-Yellow: In this bedroom, there is no stone, but soft yellow walls, and the buttery tone of the console satisfies the Earth element. Candles,

Fire-Red: Lacking space for a fireplace, red on the walls represents the Fire element.

Water-Black: Lacking a water view or fountain, black complies with the Water element.

Wood-Green: Live plants bring in the life necessary to fulfill the Wood element.  Plants are especially welcome in stark contemporary spaces with a great deal of chrome, black, and white

Metal-White: Instead of stainless appliances, white cabinetry and matching appliances
more than satisfies the Metal element.

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