Interior Design Trends: Express Yourself With Color

Finding a color palette that makes your home comfortable and relaxing for you, while making guest feel welcome at the same time can be challenging.

Intense colors like hot pink, bright orange, black and pure white are best used as accents. 

Bright white is great for doors and trim. Use warmer tones for furnishings along with textures and monochromatic patterns. White palettes complement one another in any combination and give a clean look.

Bright and airy hues make a room seem more spacious.

Dark colors create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. A pop of color enlivens the design scheme.

Black-Grays-White combinations are sophisticated and chic. Warm up the space by bringing in accent furnishings in natural woods.  

Reds, oranges, and yellows are warm and welcoming colors. The more intense the shade, the more energy is created.

Bold and bright hues are dramatic and are great for foyers, powder rooms, and as an accent wall in kitchens and living rooms. 

Blues and greens create a calm and soothing and tranquil feeling.

Paint ceilings a light tint of the wall color, although in some cases, the same color as the walls add an elegant, custom look.

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