Innovative Kitchen Design Trends - Customization

Yesterday (July 31), I had a wonderful time researching the newest kitchen design trends and products at DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas) in Dania Beach, FL. Every element in kitchen construction can be customized, so my totally enjoyable tour of showrooms was filled with previewing an abundance of versatile options.

Cabinet doors are available in flat, recessed or 
raised paneled, textured, or smooth
finished styles in a variety of materials. Likewise, counter top choices are available from laminates to high quality wood or stone. Finishes can be matt, honed, or gloss.

While white is the “new neutral”, you can have your cake and eat it too by adding unique color accents. There are infinite choices of handle colors and styles that can be changed at whim.

Kitchens can be further customized with open shelving in contrasting colors, and islands in any configuration. Prefer enclosed cabinetry? Glass door fronts are available in a multitude of options from transparent, to opaque, or patterned, allowing a subtle peek of color to show through.

Kitchen manufacturers are providing additional 
functionality with configurations of interior
drawers that are tailored to unique needs. Proper planning can add 30% more storage space.

In addition to elegant and highly functional spaces, eco-friendly and sustainable materials are increasingly being incorporated into kitchen design.

With open concept interior architecture, the trend is to integrate the kitchen with the overall interior design scheme. Closed kitchens can be designed to shine with their own unique character. So what’s the major trend in kitchen design? Simply, customization!

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