Interior Design Trend: Chic Sheen

Candlelight reflection creates
a romantic atmosphere

CHIC SHEEN – You’ve certainly noticed that anything goes when selecting a color palette. What’s trending, though, are metallic finishes – I’m not talking gloss or high shine, but a glimmer that can range from a slight shimmer to a strong sparkle. Whether you cover an entire wall, or use metallic accessories, throw pillows, trims on window treatments, or area rugs, a sheen adds enormously to the atmosphere of any space.

Mica wallpaper covers this kitchen island, adding spark-
ling sophistication to the open floor plan
A word of caution – make certain you achieve a balance between sheen and matte. Too much glimmer can be blinding. If you paint an entire room in a metallic finish, use metallic fabrics, furnishings, and accessories sparingly. Wallpaper can be completely metallic or have an understated metallic pattern running through it.
Mica Wallpaper

If you’re not sure on how to begin, experiment with metallic lighting fixtures, accessories, throw pillows, and trims on window treatments and area rugs. Explore finishes other than the typical gold and silver.

This wallpaper pattern has a touch of silver

The metallic paint finish adds a romantic glow to the dining area
Accessories with a touch of metallic adds sophistication to any space


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