Use A Hair Dryer!

Have you ever tried to vacuum your curtains only to have them sucked into the machine? We suggest using a hair dryer to blow the dust off your delicate curtains and drapery. Find more useful decorating and home maintenance hints on our web site.


  1. Hi Robin,
    A vacuum cleaner with a sock or nylon on the end works well too.

  2. The layout works great - thanks for all your suggestions, it is very comfortable. I fell in love with a vanity and matching mirror and extra storage piece that I found in Consumers, and after looking all over, we ended up using a limestone tile that we found in Home Depot and we got an air bubble massage type tub that is just wonderful for my back. It really all pulled together beautifully.

  3. Color trends - Color trends, styles, and patterns, are predicted annually by fashion afficianados. After extensive research by experts, the year's most fashionable color is seen first on the runways. Interior decoration follows the same color trend. This year's most current and chic color is green. Which green you ask? Specifically, it's the acid green range. If you want to follow the trend for an entire room's color scheme, picture a mixed salad. Use all the greens together. I've never seen a salad that clashes. Use neutrals and garnishes you would use in a salad as accent colors (red and yellow tomatos, peppers, arugula, carrots, etc. The result will be a cohesive, inviting atmosphere. Just remember, you will tire of a trendy room more quickly. Don't want to make so strong a statement? Use neutrals, always in style, and incorporate several greens to inexpensively accent. Don't have the budget to redecorate an entire room? Punctuate your room with a green area rug, pillows, hang prints on the wall, and/or change your window treatments. These items can always be packed away for the next green event.