Do It Yourself!?!

It's Spring... finally! This time of year, most of us are looking to update, renovate, or stage our home for sale or rent. If you are, prepare yourself for the following:
1. Scope: What is the project? What is the budget? What is the time frame?
2. Functional Design: Determine the best furniture placement to accomodate traffic flow.
3. Technical Design: Are you taking into account line, balance, scale, and proportion?
4. Aesthetic Design: Selecting colors, patterns, textures, and light control
5. Selection: Determining materials, furniture, art, and accents
6. Ordering & Tracking: Have everything in writing. Keep a paper trail with names of everyone you speak with.
7. Delivery Coordination: Who is going to wait for and meet deliveries?
8. Installation: Are you prepared to coordinate the painter, window treatment installers, and floor installation...What comes first?
If you need assistance on any of the above items, call or email Robin Lechner Designs. We're able to support you at any time during your project. or 631-848-8469

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