Staging a vacant or occupied luxury apartment or condo can be quite the challenge. An unfilled room can appear quite dissatisfying to the eyes of a buyer, especially if there’s dirt, dust or cobwebs. Similarly, a room decorated distastefully can be a deactivator for buyers that are about to pull the switch. Yet people still jump into the market without concern, only to find their home remains on the market for several months before selling at a much less than anticipated price.

There’s a simple to solution to all of this, and that is to hire a virtual home stager. Staging a home through virtual service provider is highly recommended, particularly for large New York City Condos or apartments, where there’s a large amount of space, but nothing but bare floors, walls and closets (Yes, closets are important to the buyer as well).

For those agents and sellers who aren’t aware of the advantages of hiring a professional, here’s a full list.
• CGF (Computer generated furnishings) put in order flawless homes, leaving no room for mistake.
• CGF permits elegant and filling setups that can be changed or removed at any time.
• It permits for exterior redesign as well.
• 3 dimensional, panoramic views.
• The process also allows for items to be erased, if the seller wishes to view the home empty, or perhaps flip
   flop the set up.
• Most importantly, everybody enjoys visual aids, especially those that can constantly be revisited, and selling a home quickly will be a breeze.

This is a good reason to use staging!
Now it’s apparently why virtually staging a vacant home online would benefit both parties, and most real estate organizations have by now bought into the practice. In fact, the process of staging a home effectively through a trained expert has become common practice, principally through luxury real estate brokerages.

The photography generated and manipulated through virtual staging can be used for cards, flyers, websites and much more. Over the course of the next few years, real estate professionals and agents in the NYC area will probably be amongst first to dive head first into this opportunity to really make their properties shine.

Courtesy of Douglass Elliman Realty, New York Condos.

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