Our homes say a lot about who and what kind of person we are, and our first homes probably didn’t say much, or communicated a far different image of our true selves. So many of us began furnishing our first rooms, mine was a college dorm, with hand-me-downs, and the cheapest things we could find.

An Eclectic Style of Decor
 Now, you’ve matured, become a savvy shopper, and a responsible adult, you’re ready to create a comfortable, beautiful home that reflects you! Whether you’re redecorating or starting from scratch, you have the opportunity to be creative and make your own statement. Here are some clues on how to define your home décor style. Look in your closet. Your fashion sense best reflects your personality and style. How do you dress for work? How do you dress for play?...for a party? Which image of yourself do you want reflected in your home? What look do you want your family and friends to see when they visit? Can you live in the way you dress?

Contemporary with lots of color
Do you dress conservatively for work? Would you be comfortable in a more traditional setting? If sparkling evening wear with a bit of dazzle is your favorite, opt for an eclectic look. Make sure the glitter is grounded, or you the room will make you dizzy. If your favorite pastime is lounging in your media room or den in comfy, loose, and easy clothing, then a relaxed casual look is more your style. If you love the summertime beach or poolside life, and enjoy wearing bright, tropical colors, then you’ll probably be happiest with a more contemporary feel using these bright colors against a neutral background.
Formal Traditional Designs
Color scheme selections can be selected the same way. Going back into your closet, do you keep grabbing the same colors over and over? Look at the range of colors of your clothing, shoes, and accessories. What combinations do you like to put together? Be careful, though. An electric blue pair of shoes is difficult to translate well to a wall color, but can be used beautifully for accent pieces and pillows.

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  1. Traditional Designs with lot of Contemporary Furniture's will be a good combination.