A Fireplace Is A Natural Gathering Spot
There’s something about fire that stirs our primeval nature, providing a source of warmth, safety, and a cooked meal. Today, a fireplace adds a sense of inviting comfort. We are all drawn to it. It’s no surprise then, that a fireplace is always the natural focal point of a room. 

Better Homes and Gardens Fireplace: Design and Decorating Ideas (Better Homes & Gardens Decorating)I’ve always felt something lacking in homes I’ve lived in without a fireplace or at least a wood burning stove.

I love the crackling sounds and aromas of wood burning fireplaces, but hate the task of carrying logs in and emptying ashes out. Despite the cons, a ‘real’ fire is always cheerful. Wood burning fireplaces can be designed to accommodate any decorative scheme.

With gas fireplaces, there’s no fuss, no mess, just a flip of a switch. There are numerous styles to choose from. Many are installed flush with the wall on which they are mounted, giving a more contemporary look, but you can build a mantle surround in any style.
Today, you can add a fireplace on any wall in your home! Where gas and wood burning fireplaces need flues, these new gas models only require venting, although some don’t, and you can even have an open front without glass or screen. Contemporary in design, they are clean, completely customized, and controlled remotely.

Contemporary Gas Fireplace
This Fireplace Was Added To
A Small Cape
Whatever your style preference, there are numerous options that give you ultimate flexibility. A fireplace sets the mood of a space whether it’s indoors or out. It creates a natural gathering place, and enhances your living experience. Leave room in your budget for a fireplace whether its existing and needs an update, or for installing a new one.

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