Mirrors Add Character
If I were to have a signature element, something that I used consistently in my interior design business, I would always include a MIRROR. I believe almost every room should have one, if not for reflecting a beautiful view, but for adding light, a sense of space, and sparkle to a room.

The uses for mirrors are endless, none more practical than that of adding light. Mirrors work like windows. They produce that effect by reflecting light back into a room. For example: two windows on a wall, while they bring light into a room, they also create a dreary darkness on the wall between them. Hanging a mirror between the windows reflects the light back from the opposite wall and balances the entire wall. Mirrors work well in any room, but the number of mirrors you use in a single room should be limited to one or two depending upon the size of the room and the placement of windows in it. Too many windows can cause dizzying illusions.

I Still Like The Look Of A Mirrored Wall
Mirrors reflect beautiful views. The trend a few years ago was to install sheets of mirror, covering entire walls. They also added light and an illusion of increased space. That style is rarely used these days (sigh!), replaced by great giant framed mirrors that are mounted on the wall or propped against a wall. I still prefer a mirrored wall if you indeed have a fabulous view! (Hint: the mirror should be at a right angle to the view).

Mirrors create wonderful illusions. They make a small room visually larger. If a room is narrow, place a mirror on one of the long walls, and the room will seem wider. A mirrored backsplash in a small kitchen enlarges the space. A mirror hung opposite a window acts like an additional window, and will bring in more natural light. Be careful of what the mirror reflects. You don’t want it reflecting a blank wall. Mirrors over a fireplace draw attention to it as the focal point of a room. Hang a mirror in your entry hall flanked by a pair of sconces. They’re usually small spaces, and the mirror will not only make the room appear larger, it will give your guests a chance to check themselves out before mingling.

Standing Screens
Are Very Adaptable
Standing screens, decoratively or fully mirrored, can be moved anywhere, and are very effective in brightening a dark corner. Powder rooms and bathrooms generally have a mirror over the sink and there are numerous decorative options available to replace the plain over the sink medicine cabinet mirror. A hand mirror placed on the vanity gives your guests the opportunity to check the back of his/her hair. Illuminated magnifying mirrors with arm extensions are great bathroom accessories.

Mirrors are enhanced and beautified by virtue of their frames, and can be used as a focal point of a room. There are thousands of styles from simple to dramatic, contemporary to traditional, small to wall covering. There isn’t a room in a home that would not be improved by adding a mirror.

Mirrors Are Beautiful Features
There is nothing like windows to bring light into a room, but if it's lacking in that area, there’s nothing like adding a mirror.  

NOTE: I have a special fondness for mirrors. My grandfather invented the mass-produced, light weight, full length mirrors that today still hangs behind every closet door.

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