You'll never guess!
First we have to deal with semantics. We all use the word COLOR with abandon. In the interior decorating field, we use a different design vocabulary. HUE is the actual name of the pure color.

After selecting a basic HUE (blue, purple, green, etc) that you want to use, you then make the decision on the VALUE you prefer: TINTS are lightened HUEs, achieved by adding white to a color; SHADES are darkened HUEs, achieved by adding black.     

Another element of HUE enhancement is INTENSITY - bright or dull. The degree of INTENSITY is determined by how much the HUE is muted.

So! Are you ready? The newest color trend... or should I say HUE trend is PURPLE! However, the color PURPLE in the color community and on the color spectrum scale, is called VIOLET.  (I guess if the movie "The Color Purple" would not have 
                        been as successful if it had been named "The Hue Violet". (Bad joke...sorry!)

I've seen PURPLE in its various TINTS, SHADES, and INTENSITIES featured in fashion magazines, business accessory, and interior design catalogs.  

Now that we understand the vocabulary, you can appreciate the range of COLORS that can be inspired by and applied to PURPLE! There's LILAC, perceived as a lighter TINT; or PLUM, a darker SHADE. AMETHYST is a bright INTENSITY while LAVENDER is dull in INTENSITY.
So! How would you categorize PERIWINKLE?

Let's make this a contest! The best description of PERIWINKLE, using the above color criteria along with creativity of your answer will win a $25 American Express gift card. With your response, you must give me your email address with expressed permission to contact you regarding this contest. Unless you ask to be placed on my mailing list, I will only use your email for this contest. Closing date is September 15, and the winner will be announced and notified on or about September 30th.

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