When we think about small spaces, we generally obsess about storage rather than taking efforts to make a room appear larger and more functional. Well, this blog deals primarily with solutions for small spaces and its natural outcome of resolving storage issues.
Day Beds with trundles double as a sofa, and provides sleeping space for two. Get a model that has
backs and arms so ample pillows make it more comfortable to lean back against.
Murphy Beds are great in a pinch when a room has to provide double functions. Most have storage.
Swing Arm Lamps hung on either side of a bed, make it easier to use smaller night tables. Get night tables with drawers for storing boxes of tissues, pen and writing pad, a good book, etc.
Utilize space under beds for storage.

Small Scale Furniture is plentiful! Lengths of sofas vary from love seats to modulars that can go on, and on, and on! Narrower armrests take up less space. Legs of sofas should show. It gives an illusion of larger space because the floor visually extends under the sofa.
Use light weight Chairs that can be moved around as needed. Use some that upholstery reaches the floor; you don’t want a room filled with bare legs.
Find furniture that Multi-tasks. Tables can used as desks, for dining, game tables, and for buffets. Ottomans tucked under console tables or in corners can be pulled out for extra seating, and many open for storage. (Read the BLOG: "WHAT'S A SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT, CHAMPION MULTI-TASKER?) It's on this site, but if you're on another site, this is the connect.
Glass Topped Coffee Tables – Since coffee tables generally sit in the middle of a room, its
transparency opens up the space.       

Remove Clutter from counter tops
Built-in Slide-out Garbage Cans fit neatly in under counter cabinets. You lose odor and gain space.
Islands on wheels give you flexibility in form, usage, and function

STORAGE SYSTEMS: There are some excellent Storage and Shelving systems that come in all shapes and sizes and don’t look pieced together. They can be configured as bars to store wine bottles above, glasses, and storage below; modular book shelving systems; and media centers.

DINING SPACES: If you have a separate dining room, use it as a library as well! Line some walls with bookshelves, and add picture lamps over them for atmosphere. Hang artwork on other walls also with picture lights to add dimension.
Tables That Extend, have flip up sides, or leaves (but you’ll need a place to store them)
Use Chairs that fit underneath the table when not in use. Some have arms too large or high to fit. 

CLOSETS: Have them professionally outfitted. You’ll be amazed at the amount of extra room you have!

MIRRORS: Place a mirror in every room! When used properly, they can almost double the size of a space. Review my blog on mirrors (if you're reading this on another site, here’s link and title.)

Avoid pedestal sinks except if it's a powder room! Although they’re very attractive, storage space is lost when you give up a vanity.
Use over the sink Mirrored Medicine Cabinets that are set flush into the wall instead of just a mirror. You guessed it… extra storage!
Invest in Glass Shower Doors, preferably clear glass. It extends the size of the room.

ROOM DIVIDERS: Light weight Curtains are great room dividers, and can be pulled back when not in use.
Screens are very much in style, and can be easily moved as needed.    
Sliding Doors (adaptations of shoji screens) are another option, but part of the opening will be permanently blocked off.

STACKABLE WASHER/DRYERS fit in most kitchen pantries or linen closets (always increase the value of apt)

Take advantage of the Labor Day sales, and GO SHOPPING! If you need on the spot advice, twitter to @RobinsInteriors! You can always email or list your comment right on this blog! I'd LOVE to hear from you!


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