Personal Home Coaching
For those who are unable to, or don't have time to shop for solutions to their home decorating challenges, Robin Lechner Interior Designs is excited to announce Personal Home Coaching – decorating guidance via the internet. Details available on our blog’s Home Page.

Our last question resolved the issue of a cavernous long hallway. Today, I received a question focusing on tricky and obscure corners. Our shopper has a room with an awkward corner. It’s an empty space that creates a void. We can also consider an area that is obscured by a structural pillar or wall support that frequently occurs in apartments.

Recommendation #1: SCREENS soften sharp angles of a room's corner and rounds out the space, making the room appear larger. They Screens camouflage awkward structural supports.

Screen also camoflages structural pole.
Recommendation #2: Create a mini-escape, a private READING CORNER with an oversized comfy chair, and ottoman, side table, and floor lamp. The ottoman is mobile, and can be moved to join a conversation area for additional seating.

Recommendation #3: A SCULPTURE with a ceiling spotlight draws attention to the art, and illuminates the corner with light and beauty. This look can also be achieved with a large PLANT along with lighting.

Have a question? Personal Home Coaching is simple: Ask a question via email and attach a photo or two illustrating your challenge. I will answer your question to your personal email. The fee is $35 payable via PayPal and credit card.

In keeping with our focus on customer service and client collaboration, you’ll receive at least two resolutions to your questions, or your fee will be refunded*. I’ll always strive for the least expensive solution first. If budget is not an issue, please let me know.

An alternative is to send a check or money order to Robin Lechner Designs, 16500 Collins Ave, suite 2555, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160. Include your home address. I will mail answers to your questions. (Photos will not be returned).

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