The responsibility of an Interior Designer is not solely limited to the interior décor of a home. Curb appeal weighs in equally with interior decoration. The appeal of the exterior of your home can actually be more important than its inside appearance especially if your home is for sale. After all, the exterior of your home is your visitors’ first impression.
With so many commitments and activities associated with the holidays, the ideal display is something simple, carefree, and lasts all season.

Spruce up the exterior of your home without looking overdone. An elegant and sophisticated look does not have to be expensive. If you’re careful, you can create something simple and self-sustaining. If your home is for sale, you don’t want to overwhelm buyers or have to keep tending to maintain a fresh look of the display. Visitors come to see your home, not your decorations.

Door Wreath: There’s a great assortment of branches that can be fashioned in a circle, and are easy to find at your local craft store. Use a glue gun to attach weatherproof berries, ribbons, and ornaments. If you have an outdoor light source, a string of white or clear bulbs woven through the wreath is very welcoming. If you don’t have a light source, use metallic ornaments that pick up any light source and adds shine and shimmer.

Garlands: Drape a garland around your door frame, bow window, or wrap around a lamp post or mailbox. If you have an electrical outlet, lights add plenty of sparkle to simple greenery with small touches of red, gold, and silver.

Planted Containers: My personal favorite outdoor arrangements are containers that flank the entrance to your door, the entrance to a walkway, driveway, or both. They provide extra light source and are very festive. Small evergreens that are half again taller than the container you place them in create the primary focus. Leave the trees in their pots and keep watered until frost. Decorate the trees simply. Again, if you have an outdoor light source, a string of clear or white bulbs woven through the tree is a most welcoming element of your outdoor display, providing the most illumination and impact. If you have no electrical source, use bright red, gold, and silver ornaments for sparkle. Place the pots in the container. Surround space between the plant’s pots and container with chicken wire that will support the rest of your arrangement.  For a graceful look, select several types of greenery to drape around the base of the tree. Fill any empty space, and overlap the container with pine cones, or metallic fruits wired and attached to the chicken wire. Don’t worry about over doing. The more the merrier.

Create your arrangement now, and it will most likely last through February with occasional fixes.

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