IT'S GIFT TIME! My favorite interior design books are not just coffee table decorations, they’re invaluable reference manuals that I return to review on a constant basis. For anyone interested in interior decorating, these books are a must have. They provide historical knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. Not only do they make great holiday gifts, some are inexpensive enough to serve as a hostess gift.

History of Design and Furniture presents a survey of major historical periods of architecture, design, and decoration from early Egypt through the Victorian era. Did you know the classic Klismos chair and all its variations originate in Greece. New variations are still being rethought and recreated. You’ll learn to define various furniture styles, construction techniques, and the origin and definition of many creative terms. 

Michael S. Smith Elements of Style displays his distinct over the top design style. His projects serve as an idea-filled resource. High end antiques, furniture, and accessories offer elements you can draw from. There’s even a chapter on home staging if your home is for sale or if it just needs refreshing.

Walls  Traces the history of wall construction and decoration, offering a plethora of wall treatments to help create each room in your home into an original. Filled with page after page of beautiful room treatments, this book dazzles with ideas for anyone who loves painted and paneled walls as well as wallpaper and stenciling.

Decorating Master Class demystifies the decorating process, and enumerates basic principles of interior home design. It takes you through the eight phases of interior design.  Examples are drawn from single room renovations to building a new home.

Kindles and other online readers are great for novels, movies, and music, but there’s nothing like sitting in a cozy reading chair looking at full size photos with great details that you can integrate into your own home design, or to show your Interior Decorator to help you interpret and incorporate what works for your home style.
Robin Lechner Interior Designs is your collaborative assistant in your redesign projects. Call me to assist you in interpreting the looks in these fabulous books to fit your home and lifestyle.

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