It's Spring! Time to clear out your closets; donate all clothing, shoes, and accessories you haven't worn in a year to charity. Make room for some trendy accessories and wardrobe additions in the latest tangerine tango. And just as you update your wardrobe, it's a great time to update your home.

The number one 'feel good' Spring update is a fresh coat of paint; experiment with a new color for walls and ceilings (a safe bet is using a light shade of your wall hue). An inexpensive way to update any room is a seasonal change of accessories (pillows, throws, duvet covers, drapes, etc). Fabric textures add interest; use wovens, damasks, nubby knits, patterns in monochromatic or contrasting colors. Metallics (brass, chrome, hammered silver, etc) is trending.

If you're redecorating, try a change of furniture form and/or scale. Large pieces actually make a small room look larger; too many pieces clutter a room and make a room look smaller.

Layer your lighting; a single overhead fixture is harsh and unflattering. Add a selection of floor and table lamps, sconces, and/or an elegant chandelier to enhance a room's atmosphere. Need more space? Wall mounted swing arm lamps are a perfect solution.

Switch out (or add) area rugs to reflect the light and airiness of the season. Area rugs anchor furniture groupings. Just be certain that atleast the two front feet of chairs and sofas rest on the rug. In the dining room, rugs must be large enough to accomodate all four legs of the chairs when they are pulled out. This avoids unnecessary tripping or catching on the edges of the rug.

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Good hunting and Happy Spring!

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