As an Interior Designer, I’m always looking to improve a home’s design, functionality, and appearance. An issue that clients continually complain about is that no matter the size of a living space, there are never enough surfaces for drinks and hors d’oeuvres when entertaining.  

The solution? Nested tables!

Nested tables are 2 or more stacked tables that graduate in size so that the size smaller fits neatly under the larger. When not in use, the only space requirement is that of the measurement of the largest table.

I generally include at least one set of nested tables for each decorating project. Usually, it’s an end table in the living room. They’re also appropriate for a den, library, family room, anywhere in the home where you might entertain. Extremely mobile, each table can be moved to a strategic location before guests arrive, so that every seat has access to a surface to set down a drink or plate. They can easily be moved as needed to serve a better function throughout the event.

Nested tables are available in an infinite variety of styles, colors, materials, and so on, making them extremely practical and can complement any interior design scheme. By incorporating various styles, several sets can be used throughout a home without being obvious. Don’t overdo a good thing; limit their use to one set per room. They’re particularly suited to small spaces, and excellent for outdoor use. They reduce clutter by reducing the number of pieces of furniture in a room.

Other uses and benefits:
- Children’s bedrooms, used as activity tables where materials can be spread out
- Family rooms, to replace snack tables with an attractive alternative

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