Solid Mable Wide Plank
What’s trending in Interior Design is the use of dark wood flooring finished in a semi to high gloss. Floors with a high sheen reflect light streaming in from windows, adding an additional source of illumination to a room. Wide planks remain the style of choice, while the depth and pattern of the wood’s grain depends on the overall decorative scheme. For a totally unique look, I’d love to install a herringbone pattern that would work with any décor.

Stone Rug Tile Floor
Wood is perfect for homes in cooler climates. For warmer climates (like Florida), I personally prefer stone flooring. It’s cool under foot, making it a practical solution for intense heat. With a high gloss finish, marble and travertine have a reflective quality and so can achieve the same reflective quality as wood.

Whether you prefer wood or stone floors for your design scheme, I recommend area rugs to anchor seating areas in living rooms; under the table and chairs in dining rooms to provide cohesiveness to the dining experience; in bedrooms to cushion still sleepy toes as they touch down in the morning. Area rugs work beautifully in every room with the exception perhaps of the kitchen where tripping can be a dangerous issue.

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