OK, so you found the perfect color by selecting a color chip at the local paint store. And as your interior designer suggested, you purchased a sample pint, took it home and painted large squares on several walls of the room. But now, not only does it look different from the paint chip, it looks different on each wall in the room!

You’re experiencing metamerism where colors seem to change when viewed in different lights and when placed next to a vibrant color. Colors particularly disposed to this phenomenon are tans, beiges, grays, mauves, lilacs, some whites, and grayed colors.

No, metamerism is NOT a dis-ease, just a different way of seeing the same thing. So when you’re considering a color, make certain to look at it on each wall in all lights at various times of day.

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  1. I have the exact same problem when I am painting my canvas rugs. I had a particularly hard time trying to match a gray to replicate a fiber rug on a canvas surface. This is such valuable information. Painting is a big job, and like anything, the extra time and patience to explore the right color in every situation is well worth the effort! thank you!