Your office is your second home. And if you’re like me, you probably spend more time there than in your primary residence. Most of that time is spent at your desk where the setting and desk top accoutrements affect your mindset and performance. Stacks of papers remind us of work ahead of us that we can’t possibly get to in one day – and so it grows. Sticky notes abound, tacked on every available surface, creating a landscape resembling a snowstorm. We can’t put our finger on what we’re looking for when we need it; it’s stockpiled somewhere. It’s no wonder we’re exhausted at the end of the day.

Whether you commute to the room across the hall or to an office across town, there’s no reason for your desk to be devoid of style and self-expression. So let’s get down to business by creating an attractive work space by adding stylish desk essentials and accessories that make spending the day at your office a pleasure.    

The Essentials:

The first step is to clear off the desk surface. Treat yourself to a beautiful leather bound journal with pockets to organize the sticky notes, lists, and appointments. You’ll able to see everything at a single glance which you can’t do with your iphone or ipad. Find a fabulous pencil with a strong eraser instead of a pen.

If you work in an office, you might not have a choice of equipment, but in a home office where the space might double as a guest room or library, I suggest to my clients to purchase a lap top that can be stored in a drawer when not in use. It also lessens the temptation to sneak in a little extra work time… out of sight, out of mind. Make certain your desk has a drawer large enough to store the lap top. And with wireless connections, there are no unsightly wires to contend with. Other equipment can easily be like-wise disguised.  

Speaking of drawers, your desk should have as many as you need to accommodate all of the necessary work day trappings. Before purchasing a desk, make a list of all the items that will need to be stored, and be sure to include drawer organizers to keep all the little things like paper clips, rubber bands, pens and the like in their proper place. There’s nothing worse than opening a drawer to find that the box of staples exploded and the sharp little spikes have scattered in hundreds of directions. I also suggest designating “IN”/”OUT” drawers instead of crowding the desk top with an unattractive organizer that takes up a lot of space.

Task lighting is an essential accessory for a desk. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a table top model. It can be a floor lamp, or wall mounted swing arm style.

The Non-Essentials:

So now with a virtually empty surface, you can add nonessentials that are if not useful elicit feelings of pleasure and joy
I work with a lot of floor plans often with tiny blurred measurements. My magnifier has a permanent position on my desk so it’s easy to pick up and use. It’s both decorative and serves a purpose.   

A letter opener has permanently saved me from the pain of paper cuts. That it’s attractive, helps me take the extra couple of seconds to pick it up instead of ripping into an envelope.

I keep a couple of beautifully framed photos on my desk, one for inspiration, another to   
restore calm. If you don’t want to use a photo, perhaps frame an motivating or upbeat

The phone rings, and I grope through my desk drawer for a scrap of paper and pen to jot down vital  information. Attractive note paper with accompanying pen saves the day, and is pretty enough to merit a place on my desk. The duo keeps the pen from straying.

Flowers or a plant brings something organic to your work space with the added benefit of a constant aromatherapy treatment as fragrance infuses the air around you.

A small antique, collectible, or sculpture adds an artistic flair to a desk top. It doesn’t have to be functional. That’s the beauty of it. You know you’ve arrived when you have room for something that’s there simply because you love it.  

REMEMBER: "If your space is not becoming to you, you should be coming to me." Robin Lechner Designs

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  1. I love your quote.This is very useful to me at this time. My daughter is moving out of my office/guestroom that has been out of commission as an office for a year (it moved to my dining room table) So I am excited to remodel the office. It has an extremely large desk, no drawers, and so attracts a lot of clutter. I will take your advice on the desk, it will open up the room and help me be more organized as well. Thank you and looking forward to more of your timely tips!