As an Interior Designer, I am fortunate to have the opportunity of creating something special for someone. No matter how large or small, expensive or economical a project, each brings a unique and exciting challenge with a similar outcome, meaning a beautiful, elegant, timeless, and comfortable home. Economy does not mean sacrificing luxury.

                                         Custom Upholstered Chairs on the right are about $1,000 in the fabric of your choice compared with the in stock leather model below for under $200 in a wide selection of color.
Luxury can be achieved at any price. It comes in many forms. A design scheme accentuates the positive architectural elements of a room, or creates a special feature if there are none. The common element of expensive and economical alternatives is that in both cases form and function must be balanced.

My Pinterest page has a "Luxury Portfolio" board, featuring high end, custom furnishings and an "Economical Options" board that provides an expensive look at affordable prices.  

Upholstered headboards are the ultimate luxury for the bedroom. They're available in a myriad of styles and prices. They'll be around for a long time, so buy the best quality you can afford.

To keep prices as low as possible, buy just the head-
board and attach it to the wall. Use a standard bed frame with a bedskirt.

Buy the best quality sofa you can afford in a neutral color. You can add and change color themes with accent pillows and throws. 

Leather is very durable - unless you have pets with claws. Although shame on you if you have to design your home around your pet's behavior. I've had dogs and cats, and it's not hard to train them to keep off of certain furniture pieces.

Natural marking will enhance the furniture over time, and are considered hallmarks of nature not flaws or defects. Get educated on the different types of leathers, their quality, and care, and how to tell Analine from Nubuck.

The sleep sofa below is under $700 while the custom white beauty is $2,500.

Since 1997, I've been enjoying creating timeless and unique interiors that complement each client's lifestyle and budget. Attention to detail and innovative solutions often exceed expectations.

Call now to talk about your project, and how I can assist you in creating an exceptional interior design scheme.

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