Wallpaper not your thing? Bored with plain painted walls? There are some amazing new decorative three dimensional surfaces that add visual and tactile effects to walls with wide commercial and residential applications both interior and exterior. Architectural wall panels, vailable in a variety of materials and patterns including ceramic, MDF, slate, wood, and stone, each creates a feeling of motion and depth and can be added to furniture as well as walls.

In addition to pre-manufactured panels, one-of-a-kind pieces can be produced. Any image can be transferred. If it’s too large for a single panel, it can be spread across several. 

Applied to office reception areas desks and walls adds interest and texture not only to the design scheme, but to the company image as well. The return on investment for the space that greets current and prospective clients is invaluable. It shows that the company is au currant and cares about every aspect of client experience and comfort.
A good choice for kitchen walls, islands, and backsplash, most of the selections are water and moisture resistant. With under-cabinet and cove lighting around the ceiling perimeter, the light play on the carved MDF is dramatic and functional. The micro-thin slate is about as thick as wallpaper. 

In bathrooms, ceramic versions add texture. A floor to ceiling design provides a flow that is relaxing as the eye follows gently undulating patterns. Light is gently reflected, absorbed, and diffused, creating a soft, peaceful atmosphere. 

Spas and wellness areas are also ideal spaces to apply undulating patterns that encourage rest and relaxation in an elegant, sophisticated, yet understated atmosphere. Combined with total light control options, the client’s experience can be customized in every detail.

Adding a single paneled feature wall in a living room turns a plain wall into a work of art especially if lighting is added at both the floor and ceiling level.

Large spaces like entry halls, vestibules, lobbies, restaurants, reception rooms, and hallways are large spaces that can appear cavernous and uninviting. Any of the materials mentioned provide solutions to structural issues as well as adding beauty and architectural interest. In long corridors, using panels alternating with other design materials breaks up a bowling alley feeling. In condo or hotel lobbies, panels can be used to create and define different functional areas – conversation groupings, reception, checkout, and waiting areas. Again, the addition of LCD lighting adds atmosphere that can be changed at different times of day and for various seasons.

Much like a piece of art, these three dimensional building products provide maximum impact at minimal investment. They provide a hand-crafted, custom look. And if you don't want to install an entire wall, create a custom screen to soften a corner or conceal awkward architectural elements like pipes

Application is not difficult, but should be measured and installed by a professional familiar with the product. 

Many of the materials shown are fire and flame retardant and eco-

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right application for your residential or commercial project no matter
how large or small.

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