Memorial Day is a little more than a week away.  The holiday marks the official transition of entertaining’s venue from indoors to out.  That being said, our outside living spaces should be as thoughtfully designed as our interiors. Comfortable seating, dining areas, creature comforts, and the right accessories can take any space from drab to FAB!

Guests and I spend the weekend on my 25th floor 
400 sq ft terrace where I blur the transition
between inside and out so that my entertainment area is extended from the living room through the balcony, creating the illusion of a much larger space. Window treatments are fully retractable, so when they’re open, all that’s visible are floor to ceiling glass doors, making it difficult to determine where the inside ends and the outside begins. 

Orchids grace inside rooms, including the baths, while flowering plants and evergreens soften the balcony’s glass and stone structure.Vertical or wall gardens soften and deflects heat from a balcony's hardscape.

A water feature offers soothing background sounds, and adds a cooling effect.

Pillows and ottomans in a variety of sizes and colors, along with illuminated furniture provide ambience and functionality.

Playful umbrellas deliver shade during daylight hours and protection during a passing shower.   

Don’t forget an outdoor area rug to define and anchor dining and/or seating areas. They add extra color, texture, pattern, and glam.

Since much entertaining is during evening hours, sufficient lighting is important. With limited exterior electrical sockets, I rely primarily on candle lit lanterns hung from the ceiling, on tables, and the floor.  
Celebrate the beginning of the summer season by incorporating
decorative extras to your exterior space. You'll make it a welcoming extension of your home.

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