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Who would have guessed that the light bulb would be trending in interior design and architecture? I’m not referencing exquisite table, floor, wall, or ceiling fixtures. I recently addressed that topic in an article The Gems of Interior Design (4-7-13) discussing lighting fixture selections that perform a variety of functions. “Lighting should be more than just adequate. It should add beauty to a room.”

Although the concept still applies, this time, 
however, I’m writing about the light sources you
don’t see that are revolutionizing lighting design. Added to conventional lighting, these innovative products can provide my clients an array of options giving them complete control whether it’s illumination for a particular task, or to create a special atmosphere.

Companies like Task Lighting, holding a patent on the Angle Power Strip, continue to bring original lighting solutions for every room in the home. 

I’d like to applaud this company that after 25 years continues to bring innovative lighting solutions for every room in the home. Task Lighting holds several patents including the Angle Power Strip (see left), manufacture in the US, and prides itself on providing excellent customer service.

Strip lighting is a wonderful solution for running wires under carpeting and area rugs. 

Popup sockets replace unsightly power cords. 

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