Living in tropical Florida, and designing interiors of homes here and in summer Hamptons getaway havens, white is the perfect canvas to work from. Sometimes I use blues and whites when a home is near water; other times I bring in tropical prints that pop against a white background; and yetl for other clients, I keep a pale monochromatic palette using a variety of patterns and textures.

Tropical prints have become classic favorites for Floridians and Hampton-ites alike who look to bring lush, exotic plant colors, prints and patterns into the decorating scheme of their homes. Any color combination goes.    

For oceanfront homes, I like using shades ranging from deep blue and turquoise to almost pure white hues tinted with a color that mimics foam created by waves as they crash on the shoreline. The mood evokes lazy summer afternoons relaxing on the beach. Add bursts of color like coral, seaweed, and tropical fish for vibrant accents.

The sand, driftwood, seashells, and dried grass come together for a monochromatic look with textures ranging from soft suede to woven grasses and fragmented glass. Nature creates a variety of patterns that I love to interpret in the home. A monochromatic home is peaceful, relaxing, and centering - particularly suited for one with beautiful views.

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