A Day At The Design Center Of The Americas

Miami’s Design District may be the place to go for fashion, food, and design with a wide range of experiences, but on a hazy-hot-humid summer day with the possibility of storms, the place I recommend spending a day looking for home furnishings is DCOTA. Its real estate is strictly dedicated to interior design and architecture. In the comfortable, air conditioned, and beautiful state of the art design center, with a charming “outdoor” bistro for lunch, you’ll see the most exquisite examples of décor in every design category and style.

My own scouting excursions at DCOTA are detailed and planned well in advance. I have a particular project to focus on for the day, a list of furnishings to research, and appointments are set with my various showroom representatives. Armed with my schedule, notebook, camera, and project plans, I generally spend 4 hours with a short break for lunch. If I’m distracted along the way, I make notes and take a photo, and include save it for another trip. I can’t afford to stray from my day’s plan.  
Jonathan Adler, Harley + Me

In the two short years I’ve lived in Florida, I was surprised to learn that most Floridians aren’t aware that DCOTA is open to the public. While it’s true that non-professionals are unable to purchase directly at most of the showrooms - neither can you purchase paintings at a museum! But here you can always enlist an interior designer willing to assist you not only with making a purchase but helping you make the right choice from myriad selections.  

A day at DCOTA never fails to inspire, excite, and revitalize.  It's a unique and upscale resource, where many showrooms offer seminars and events to educate and entertain professionals and the public. When scheduled, I attend showroom presentations, seminars for continuing education credits, and other events to expand my knowledge and skill set.

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