After a morning of collecting fabric swatches at DCOTA, I settled in for an afternoon seminar rich in color, metaphors, interior design trends, and fashion influences in the 'A' Atrium. 

Colormix 2013 was developed by Sherwin Williams, the result of extensive and ongoing research of color. The efforts resulted in four distinct color palettes, reflecting diverse mindsets, lifestyles, and design tastes. The seminar explored the trends and influences behind them.

Midnight Mystery:  Dark, shadowy hues that are moody. The jewel tones' Victorian aesthetic mixes it up with the futuristic element inspired by menswear fabrics.

Honed Vitality: Time and nature blend together to create a soft palette, reflecting mineral deposits, weathered shutters of rustic farmhouses, and sea-buffed stones. The hues are, at the same time, chalky and organic.

Vintage Moxie: Hues that create a free spirited retro palette but with a modern edge. Pastels are a bit bolder like semiprecious stones – citrine, peridot, and amethyst, set off by crisp neutrals.

High Voltage: The bold palette includes the iridescence of deep ocean sea creatures, the plugged in hues of the new electric cars, and fashion that says “look at me”.

The new palettes are a synthesis of opposites or “dueling influences” as stated by Sherwin William’s Alicia Chavarria. “Opposites attract us like never before, exerting a magnetic pull on the spectrum.” You’ll gravitate to your favorite colors, but won’t be able to escape the influence that these hues have on fashion and interior design.

For advice on how to integrate these colors into your home or office, contact me or browse my website for ideas on how to do it yourself.

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