Bold colors stimulate the senses, inspire our imagination, and elevate our mood. Many clients balk at incorporating bright hues in an interior design scheme, but used judiciously, they can add excitement, elegance and sophistication. It’s analogous to wearing a plain dress, and adding an exquisite piece/s of jewelry (or a tuxedo with emerald or ruby cufflinks). It makes the outfit.

Black, white, or neutral backgrounds balance bold hues. If there’s an accent wall such as one surrounding a fireplace, for example, drama can be created using a brighter version of the primary wall color. On a smaller scale, flea market finds can be updated with a coat of bright enamel paint.

I added bold primary colors to this black and white all-season room through the use of pillows and area rug. 

If you’re timid, a small splash of color will create a more understated effect. Experiment with bouquets of flowers. They are temporary, and you can try out different colors until you find one that works for you. There are also the obvious accessories that can be added one at a time until you achieve the ideal mix. Area rugs, pillows, throws, art, lamps, and vases add strong color in small doses. You can add as much color as you want to the overall color palette.

I find yellow is the easiest color to work with. In this bathroom, I used a bold yellow on the far wall (and on the turn of the adjacent wall) of the rectangular room that balanced out its proportions, at the same time, adding a touch of sunshine to the space.

Green can either be fresh and lively as in emerald green, or stately and regal as in olive. Plants are an easy way to begin living with green. Colors of evergreens work very well together. Saturated colors like emerald create a jewel box effect in a powder room or entry hall.   

Instead of the usual black or brown, one client opted for a royal burgundy leather sofa and occasional chairs (see below). The ottomans have a touch of violet and raspberry that work beautifully with the seating. The neutral walnut wood tones of the floor and shelving temper the bold hues. The room has energy as well as style. We still need an area rug that will further ground the strong colors.

When decorating with bold hues, take care not to overpower the space. Temper with neutrals - the stronger the color, the stronger the restraint.

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