Decorating For The Holidays

With Halloween barely behind us, and Thanksgiving a mere 3 weeks away, the season for entertaining is quickly approaching. Rather than going for predictable holiday-specific decorations, I’m suggesting dressing your home with furnishings and accessories that can potentially be used all year round.

Create color palettes inspired by foliage, fruits, and vegetables: eucalyptus green, corn yellow, pumpkin orange, cranberry red, and red-yellow-green peppers to name a few. For a more neutral look, try wheat, pine cones, and gourds. Accent with jewel tones like sapphire blue, topaz, amethyst, citrine, and peridot. 

Candles are my favorite accessory - they're inviting, create a romantic mood, and provide flattering light. I love combining them with bowls of fruit (real or faux) or floral arrangements (real). It's an easy way to create a very luxe look. 

Put arrangements in every room - bathrooms included! 

Accessories can be found anywhere - from the local thrift store to the local hardware store to a high end boutique. 

This time of year, I bring out my grandmother's crystal, linens purchased on my travels overseas, and flea market sterling serving pieces. It doesn't matter that the patterns don't match.

As an Interior Designer, I’m involved with all aspects of home design. I want your home to be wonderfully inviting, elegant, and beautiful all year long. If you need assistance with your holiday d├ęcor, Robin Lechner Designs offers services from design schematics, to shopping, and installation. 

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