Adding Emotional Value To Your Interior Design Scheme

Enhance the emotional quotient of your home by creating pleasing and useful spaces. I love building cozy corners (or vignettes) into a design scheme for my clients. These delightful settings are not only eye catching, but create comfortable oases within a room. Clients derive endless benefits by having a few special destinations scattered throughout a home. They're warm, inviting, and add a lot to the mood and tone of a space.

These small areas often provide a use for previously wasted space. Create a meditation space on a stair landing. Living rooms are often limited to entertaining. By adding a cozy reading corner, the room becomes more accessible and encourages use. An ‘escape space’ in a bedroom provides a private mini-retreat.

All you need is a comfortable piece of furniture, adequate lighting, and a small side table that holds a book, a drink, and a unique artifact (I love adding a live flowering plant).

The first vignette (above) is created at the end of a sofa, consisting of a coromandel screen, glass topped table, begonia plant, and whimsical lamp.

A corner of a bedroom takes advantage of a floor to ceiling windows. The floral upholstered chair, striped ottoman, and light seaglass blue iron lamp and table brings the garden indoors.

A previously empty living room corner comes to life as a cozy reading nook.

Below, a small landing becomes inviting and useful space.

Seating for two in a master bedroom provides a romantic vantage point for watching sunsets and yachts drift by 25 stories below.

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