Interior Design Trends: The Ambiance Of Paint

Red Makes An Elegant Statement In A Library

No interior design element affects the mood and atmosphere of a room more than paint because it covers such a large area. And although it's one of the least expensive elements of home design, people find color selection one of the most difficult choices.

Everybody knows that color sets the emotional tone of a room – red is energetic and exciting, yellow is happy, blue is peaceful – but few realize the effect a paint’s finish has on mood and atmosphere. 
Metallic Gray Adds Shimmer To The Dining Area

A matte finish is understated and softens a space. Add a texture like suede, and the room takes on a warm and calm feel. Texture also gives a wall depth. The light is absorbed and scattered rather than reflected. Matte and egg shell finishes are preferred on walls that have flaws and are not completely smooth.

A Suede Textured Finish Adds Elegance and Calm 

Gloss and metallic paint finishes create visual focus and heighten mood. They accentuate details and are perfect to highlight a focal point like a fireplace mantel or accent wall. It’s wonderful in kitchens for added shimmer to complement the sheen of lacquer cabinetry, stainless steel, and tile.

Light or dark shades of wall paint can have an effect of making a room look larger. It all has to do with contrast between light or dark shades of walls and furnishing. Contrasting light colored furniture in a dark space or dark colored in a light space tends to lead focus inward, creating a more confined feeling. Make a room seem larger by upholstering furnishings a similar shade to the walls. It erases boundaries.
Don't Be Afraid To Use Dark Colors
The same principal applies when selecting colors from a color wheel. Using adjacent colors where there is little contrast gives a more open feel while opposing colors provide contrast and results in a cozy room.

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