Interior Design Trends: GRAY 2013

Product News: I first wrote about the growing popularity of gray for interior design in June 2012. Almost a year and a half later, it remains high on color preference lists. It’s an emotional and inspiring hue. There’s nothing more electrifying than the sky before a thunderstorm – deep, dark gray illuminated by spectacular bolts of lightning. 

On the other hand, nothing enriches the hue of a flower than when it’s set against a background of a gray sky or textured tree trunk darkened by the rain.  

I prefer deep shades of gray. In addition to exuding charm and elegance, a dark room appears larger. The corners of the room seem to recede, causing boundaries to disappear. Dark rooms also enhance mood, infusing a peaceful quietness.

Used in combination with gray, colors are enhanced and seem to pop. 

I used several interesting shades of gray paint - some with textural interest - in 2013 to create wonderfully rich and sophisticated spaces.

Benjamin Moore's Metallic Gray on a dining area wall adds sparkle and texture. The remaining kitchen walls were painted an egg shell finish in Northern Cliffs 1536. 

I used Ralph Lauren's Suede in Caminos Gray for a home office which I found has a surprisingly rich and textured finish. (left)

Another happy result was painting a living room wall gray/brown in Benjamin Moore's Gargoyle 1546. The abundance of natural light from floor to ceiling glass and mirrors made a potentially drab look FAB! (right)

I tied in a kitchen with a living room, using Benjamin Moore's Gunmetal 1602 behind and around the kitchen's upper cabinetry and on the dropped ceiling that holds the HVAC which continues into the LR and continues onto a MDF wall system. (left and below)

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