An Evening With David Bromstad

The evening with artist and Interior Designer David Bromstad was superb! His presentation was ecudational, entertaining, and inspiring. His wit, energy and ability to entertain are only surpassed by his talent and creativity.

Asked about his favorite color, he responded with “which is your favorite child?” That reply describes the passionate relationship Dav
id has with color - he loves them all.

His talk focused on the emotional and psychological elements of color and how to use
them to resolve the challenge in determining color palettes for clients.

Selecting colors for clients need not be complicated. David finds that once a client is knowledgeable of mind/color associations, and determines the mood, atmosphere and emotion of what s/he wants to communicate through decor, color choice is fundamentally straightforward. Any color can potentially work in a design scheme provided it’s done with consideration of style, scale, and proportion.

When using color, think timeless instead of trendy. Following trends too closely quickly outdates a room’s look.

The key to remaining current is to tweak existing fashionable hues so the resulting design scheme incorporates elements of new design and technology but isn’t rigid. Not to be confused with the “hot color of the moment”, a timeless color palette has longevity, cross pollinating into the fashion, interior design, and electronics industries. 

Bold colors stimulate the senses, inspire imagination, and elevate mood. Many clients balk at incorporating bright hues, but used judiciously, they can add character, excitement, elegance and sophistication. It’s analogous to wearing a plain dress, and adding an exquisite piece of jewelry.  

Hesitating in adding color? It’s been my experience that softer hues are easier to incorporate.

Green can either be fresh and lively as in emerald green, or stately and regal as in olive. Plants are an easy way to begin living with green. As assortment evergreen colors work very well together. Saturated colors like emerald create a jewel box effect in a powder room or entry hall.

Gray is the new black. The range of gray is enormous - from snow driven white to stormy grays, blacker than black moonless nights, smooth as glass to rough as crushed stone. Gray enhances and works well with any color.

I find yellow is the easiest color to work with. It adds a touch of sunshine. A yellow room always has a sunny disposition.

All white rooms are exquisite. I love using a range of shades from pure white to ivory to tan, incorporating them in a variety of textures from lustrous marble floors to the fluff of a Tibetan fur ottoman. White is the perfect setting for exhibiting artwork.

Color selection reflects diverse mindsets, lifestyles, and design tastes. Before making a large scale commitment to any color, experiment with smaller items like toss pillows, and accessories.

Thanks to Janus et Cie for hosting the program, and ASID for arranging the evening.

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