Interior Design Trends: FOYERS - The First Impression

Your home makes its first impression at the entry so it’s important to fashion an introductory space that has an inviting atmosphere, and makes visitors feel welcome and at ease.

Not all homes have generous amount of space to liberally add special elements to create a vignette. The smaller the space, the more creativity is required.

My favorite treatment is wallpaper, but a safer approach is to paint the walls and ceiling a dark color with a glossy or metallic finish. It can be any color as long as it coordinates with the colors of the living room. This tiny entry was painted a dark gray/brown with a pearlescent wash. To unify the space and give it a larger appearance, the closet and entry doors were painted the same color. I continued the color on a small angled wall that led from the entry to the living room.

Usually, I recommend a mirror for a foyer to make the space seem larger, and give guests the opportunity for a last minute check, but in this situation, the mirror would only reflect the opposite wall making the objective worthless. Instead, I defined the space with a painting (by Romero Britto). I placed a mirror on the angled wall mentioned above, and placed a small sculpture in front to create a vignette and enhance the foyer’s importance.

An area rug is a wonderful way to define an area. However, take care that the pile is low enough to avoid tripping. For wood and stone floors, I often use set-in designs using patterns in different colors of the same material.

If you have sufficient ceiling height, add a dramatic 
lighting fixture, making certain it
clears closet and entry door swings. For low ceilings, there are some wonderful flush mount ceiling fixtures that can create the same dramatic effect as a chandelier. High hats, and other innovative lighting solutions can enhance the smallest space, fitting neatly between seams in sheet rock and illuminating an entire room. Another elegant option is to add a pair of wall sconces that flank a mirror or work of art.

A foyer can always use a console table to temporarily set down packages, and for visitors to place handbags. I generally recommend one with at least one drawer for homeowners to place keys and mail. Another option is a bench often preferable for homes in northern climes for sitting to put on and remove boots or rain-soaked shoes and offer storage solutions.

I was able to tuck all my favorite entry elements under the stairs in this tight foyer – console, mirror, and sconces. I was able to add a garden stool to balance the scale of all the pieces.

Umbrella stands, screens, chairs, small tables, plants, sculptures are all expressive elements
that can be arranged creatively to reflect your personality and create a dramatic entry to welcome you and your visitors home.

My pet peeves are coat stands, racks, and wall hooks. It's

impossible to keep them tidy.

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