Environmental Responsibility Is Our Social Responsibility

Thinking green is more than picking a color.  

A growing trend in building, interior design, and architecture is the widespread integration of sustainability into mainstream practice. Producers are increasingly aware of their responsibilities in terms of their environmental impact. Respect for nature and ecologically sound business practices are influencing every facet of design. This conscientious thinking is filtering down to end users – Interior Designers and their clients.

Of equal importance to consideration of the environment, is the impact on health. Design elements include provisions for recycling - kitchens are outfitted with separated trash receptacles. High performance and non-toxic fabrics and materials are included in the manufacture of furniture frames and upholstery. VOC-free paint is available from all major paint producers.

More home owners are environmentally conscious, purchasing energy efficient appliancesand lighting fixtures. Wi-fi has enabled the development of the “smart home” with heat, air conditioning, lighting controls controlled off-site with smart phones. Smart controls eliminate the clutter of wires and has allowed for better functional design and appearance of equipment.

Reduction of material waste and reduced energy consumption translates into less expensive more durable products, increasing the capacity for affordable customization. Through creative restoration, furniture is being repurposed. Thoughtful use of antiques enhances the most contemporary design scheme.

Consideration of our environmental footprint through being carbon neutral, thoughtful use of water, cautious thinking about mobility, sustainability, renewable energy, recyclable and repurposing materials have become part of our everyday way of life and doing business. The interior design and architectural communities have taken their part to be environmentally and socially responsible which not only impacts the individual at home but affects global consciousness.

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